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Is Tantric Massage In London Legal?

Yes, Tantric massage is legal in London and the rest of the United Kingdom if it is performed by a business that operates legally.


You'll find all the details you need in this article to arrange a relaxing, safe, and sensuous massage. We sought advice from legal professionals, studied UK law, and drew from our extensive industry expertise to bring you this information.

Elite Tantric London operates legally and abides by UK legislation.

Is tantric massage Legal in the UK?

What is a tantric massage?

It is crucial to understand what happens during a tantric massage before we begin so that we can avoid any surprises. A full-body, naked massage is a tantric massage. Tantric massage practitioners like ourselves are NOT escort services, hence we are unable to arrange or set up a sexual encounter for you.


Is this a sexual service?

A tantric massage is not a sexual service, and if you have ever had such a service, or if a massage business has set up a sexual service between a client and a therapist, they are breaching the law.  It is inappropriate for a third party who will gain from further services to decide how intimate a masseuse should become with her client.



What to expect during our tantric massage

Your masseuse will have a conversation with you briefly before the appointment to make sure she is aware of your expectations and of any physical conditions you may have that require particular care or attention. This is the ideal moment to get answers from her and find out what you can and cannot do throughout the session.


We advise Clients to contact the Elite Tantric London office team  to ask any questions you may have before to booking so that you are prepared and can arrive calmly and confidently.


Can  a masseuse visit my hotel room or home?

When a masseuse makes an outcall, they come to your house or hotel. In London and the rest of the UK, this is entirely lawful. Although we appreciate and guarantee it, you might want to make sure the masseuse arrives discreetly. So you are able to unwind knowing that receiving a tantric massage as an outcall is legal.

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