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A massage with happy ending!

Updated: Jan 16

A story with a happy ending in literature portrays a situation in which the main characters succeed. A Happy Ending is very different with Elite Tantric London. The Happy Ending is often referred to as a hand job finished off after a massage.

The Happy Ending is traditionally reserved for men and given at the conclusion of a massage. If you're a male or someone with a penis, the work is mostly done by hand.

Happy Ending massages are also given to women. A happy ending for them and those with vulvas entails fingering and/or clitoral stimulation.

Most massages begin with you lying face down. On your back, your massage therapist will start their work. If you wish, they will use hot oils, or they may use lotion.

You'll be asked to roll onto your front halfway through the massage. Your neck, face, thighs, chest, or breasts may be massaged during this phase of the procedure.

To prepare for the great finale, the action will get more sensual and sexy towards the finish.

You should go over the type of massage you want and the results you hope to attain with your therapist before your massage. To prevent disappointment and misunderstanding, everything must be made plain from the start.

Do you have to ask for a happy ending?

There are techniques to determine if this is an option, even if each masseuse or massage business probably operates slightly differently. Some therapists will be honest and open with you about your needs and expectations up front. By inquiring if they provide "extras," some people may assume you will ask directly.

Happy ending massages are also linked to certain code words. When a massage is stated to end with a "release," the outcome will probably be positive. Words like gentle touch, soft touch, and body rub are frequently linked to happy ending. The Nuru or Body to Body massage may even be offered to you. Some massage therapists might give what they call tantric massages, which are truly happy endings, even though this sort of massage differs from tantric massage in that it is more focused on momentary fulfilment.

Always be respectful, whether you want to inquire directly, use code words, or seek clarification beforehand.

What are the benefits of a happy ending?

There are a variety of reasons why people experience this kind of "release," as massages (and orgasms, of course) provide so many wonderful health and wellbeing advantages:

  • Enhances emotional health

  • Reduces tension and improves mood

  • They simply feel great.

  • Reduces tension and anxiety

  • Reduces blood pressure aids in sleep

  • Helps with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and promotes body confidence

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