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Everything You Should Know About a Full Body Massage

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Hey guys, have you ever wondered what exactly a full body massage entails? Well, you're in luck! This blog post is specifically geared toward decoding the mysteries behind this popular therapeutic treatment. Whether you're a veteran spa-goer or new to the world of massages, we'll be breaking down everything you need to know about this indulgent and revitalizing experience. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of full body massages!

Full-body massage therapies are most likely an option you will find when choosing a massage therapy. However, you might not be aware of what this course of treatment comprises or whether the advantages make it the best option for you.

In order for you to be fully educated about all of your massage therapy options, we at Elite Tantric London have put up this reputable guide. Read on to learn more about the sensation of a full-body massage, or get in touch with us to relax your body and mind.

Full Body Massage: What Is It?

A full body massage is exactly what its name implies: it is a type of massage therapy that covers every part of the body. The therapy at Elite Tantric will, nonetheless, cover several body areas, such as the Lingham.

Types of full body massage

You can find several varieties of massage in addition to the typical full-body massage, each of which has its own special set of techniques and advantages. Although several of these have evolved into massage therapies in and of themselves, they continue to draw on the methods used in full-body massages.

You can find here numerous full-body massage-based massage therapies, such as:

To determine which of these massage therapies is best for you, please contact us right away. Each of these massage therapies may use different techniques. Which treatment is best for you can be determined with the assistance of one of our helpful staff members.

What Parts of the Body Get Massaged During a Full Body Massage?

The body sections that you can anticipate receiving treatment when you schedule a very soothing full-body massage include:

  • Your head, which includes the scalp, the crown, the temples, the back of the head and the base of the skull.

  • Your neck, shoulders, and trapezius, a long side muscle that connects to your back, are all included.

  • You're hands and arms

  • Your upper and lower back (particularly the latter, where most patients report tightness, stiffness, and pain)

  • Your thighs, calves, glutes, and buttocks as well as your legs and feet

  • Your Lingham/ Genital's

Do not hesitate to let your therapist know if there are any body parts that you are uncomfortable having touched. You should only ever leave your experience feeling entirely relaxed, so cease doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

What Does a Full Body Massage Treatment Include?

You should anticipate the therapist giving you some time alone to change before starting your full-body massage (if this is required for your treatment). Then, if you'd like, you might choose to lie down while being covered in a towel.

Your therapist can assess the current condition of your skin before starting the routine and select an essential oil or ointment for your skin type. In the event that an appropriate oil or ointment is required for the treatment, it will be massaged into your skin using strokes that are tailored to the area of your body that is being worked on.

Whatever method or routine you choose for a full body massage, it should always be relaxing and provide you the chance to feel entirely at ease. Therefore, your therapist must constantly be careful around vulnerable places.

The Advantages of a Full Body Massage for You

A full body massage can be very useful to your physical and emotional well-being because it is the most comprehensive type of massage therapy you will discover. Just a few advantages you could discover when selecting a full-body massage encounter are as follows:

  • improved circulation and an increase in blood flow

  • better breathing

  • calming of the nervous system

  • your digestive system will function better

  • healing and musculoskeletal system enhancements

  • removing trash, infections, and dead cells from your lymphatic system

  • lessened emotional tension

  • less physical tension

  • reduced aches and pains

Get a Full Body Massage at Elite Tantric London and treat yourself.

Indulge Yourself with a Full Body Massage in Brighton and Hove If you've been looking for the ideal way to relax and let your worries simply melt away, why not think about booking a blissfully peaceful massage with Elite Tantric London? Our massage therapists can provide you with a selection of opulent full-body massage treatments, allowing you to select the one that will work best to relieve your physical and mental aches and pains.

To make a reservation for a massage that will help you forget your concerns,

call us at the number above or send us a message here.

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