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How common is a feet fetish?

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

A foot fetish extends beyond simply enjoying feet, despite what some people may think. A foot fetish, also referred to as podophilia, is a sexual interest in feet. A foot fetishist may have a need to lick, fondle, bite, rub their genitalia against feet, or simply appreciate the foot from a distance without even touching it. While some foot fetishists may have fantasies or desires involving the entire foot, others may only be interested in the toes, heal, or arch of the foot.

It's crucial to think about sexuality as a horizon: it's complex, diverse, and no matter which way you look at the range of possibilities, you're sure to find something special. The lovely range throughout the middle can really expand your eyes, even when each end may be polar opposites. That is, if you are willing to look a little further out on the line to see what else might be present. While it may seem intimidating, doing so is an essential step if you want to delve deep into the world of human sexuality and allow yourself to learn more about a foot fetish.

Most Common Types Of Foot Fetishes

Feet Worship

When it comes to feet worship, it's elevating the enjoyment of the feet to a divine space. For these foot fetishists, it is their goal to massage, stroke, lick, kiss, and otherwise treat something—in this case, a foot—like nobility.

Biology of Feet

Some people can be awakened by the foot alone. Everything depends on the toes, foot arch, size, or shape. In certain circumstances, it might not even be necessary to touch the foot; simply the sight of a foot may be sufficient to begin them moving.

Feet Fragrance

The fragrance of feet is closely related to the desire for feet in terms of foot fetishism. A fetish for scent, can extend beyond feet and involve other body regions or other odors in general, research has shown that for people who are aroused by feet, smell is frequently a factor. The foot fetishist would consider winning the lottery, as in what one may consider unpleasant.

Does your partner have a foot fetish?

Foot fetishes can be a lot of fun because they are universal and, even for those without them, are most surely not as intense as some fetishes can seem. There are many private, erotic activities that may be enjoyed if you are open to your partner's foot fetish or, if you have one, if you give in to your foot needs. Here are some possibilities.

Toe to yoni

Even though a foot job on a penis could be the first sexual act that springs to mind, the yoni must also be remembered. It is possible to stimulate, tickle, and tease the entire vulva with the use of the feet. This can be done using just your toes. Toeing the anus can also be done if you and your partner enjoy anal play. Remember to use lubricant, though!

A foot job

Even though we would typically think of our penises as something to be played with or teased by toys and fingers, when a foot fetishist is involved, things can quickly turn sensual. Foot jobs are far more pleasurable than hand jobs. Simply prepare your feet and/or your partner's penis, then perform the same act with your feet as you would with your hands.


Break out the BDSM gear and put your spouse through the wringer if you or your partner discover that your desire for feet is correlated with dominance or humiliation. Have your partner lie down as you stimulate them with your feet and your authority by forcing them to kiss the bottoms of your feet, step on them with your highest heels, or make them beg to be punished.

The question "Do you have a foot fetish?" is a fantastic place to start since you might. Discovering the truth about your sexuality and going deeper into it is one of the finest ways to determine if you do. You can include your foot fetish into tantric massage by getting a tantric massage in a loving, comfortable environment with a tantric masseuse. If you want to either fulfill your fetish for feet or find another one you might not have known you had, Elite Tantric London's Fetish Massage has all the information you need.

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