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Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The Best Way To Massage A Lingam

It's usually advisable to put more of an emphasis on connecting with and trusting your intuition when learning how to perform a lingam massage than to become tied down with specific lingam steps. Consider include something like how much he enjoys having his testicles handled. There is no specific order in which to try the techniques in the lingam massage tutorial that follows.


You may sit with your lover facing you and kneel between his wide legs. Alternatively, if it's more cosy, take a seat next to him on a couch or bed. Throughout the massage, feel free to switch between positions as needed because your comfort is crucial. He will undoubtedly experience your difficulties with relaxation and overall well-being.


A fundamental tantric sex method that involves taking deep, coordinated breaths that completely fill the lungs. Sharing a breath is a potent way to stay connected and in tune with your energy. As a giver and a recipient, you could have similar goals. After that, you two can take off each article of clothing while expressing what you are shedding with each one (e.g., shame, fear, or judgement). You might also decide to dress in scanty clothing or wear something distinctive.


Place him on his stomach and begin massaging his body from the feet to the neck. If you like, continue to breathe in unison the entire time. He should then roll onto his back and begin again from the bottom up, skipping the lingam this time. Hold his penis firmly after he is at ease, and then put your other hand on his heart. Assume you are joining them. Then, as if you were worshipping a holy light wand, apply your preferred massage oil and start.

Glaze Stroke

Both of your thumbs ought to glide up and down his penis in an alternate motion from the root to the tip while you hold the sides of his lingam with both of your hands. Feel free to play around with varied pressures and speeds, but always keep an eye out for his reactions.

Turpedo Stroke

Your partner may experience some really unusual and arousing sensations as a result of this stroke. Both hands should be securely around his lingam as you turn them gently in different directions, being careful not to squeeze too tightly.

Meditation Stroke

With this stroke, adore your lover by enclosing his penis in the space you've created between your hands, interlacing your fingers as if in prayer. Then, spread your thumbs and move them swiftly and slowly along each of his lingam's sides.

Orgasm Without Exploding

If your man chooses to orgasm (which is always his prerogative), you might assist him in doing so without ejaculating, which can help him develop better sexual restraint over time. If you want to exert strong downward pressure during the climax, either press hard on his sacred spot or wrap your fingers around the base of his scrotum. These techniques need practise, but the practise pays off!

Benefits Of Lingam Massage

The main objective of a lingam massage, similar to that of its female counterpart, the yoni massage, is for a man to embrace and accept his lingam as a part of his entire being. This helps him to become a more tender, self-aware, empathetic, and sensual lover with the capacity to experience sex with his entire body and heart—rather than just his penis. Among the many advantages of lingam massage are the following:

Intimacy: The development of affection is a key objective of lingam massage. It is typical for partners to feel more emotionally linked because a lingam massage is all about being in sync, trusting your spouse, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in their presence.

Control: Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are common sexual dysfunctions in men. Men who have lingam massages report feeling more in control of their bodies, the flow of their libido, and their libido while also having more stamina. He can eventually even have the ability to have many orgasms without ejaculating!

Pleasure: His body's sensitivity is likely to increase as it adjusts to fresh ways of channelling his sexual energy. This merely means that he will feel more, and more intensely. It does not mean that he will come more quickly.

Metal well-being: Health problems, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, and depression are all very common. Many of these are caused by mental barriers and previous traumas. These tensions and kinks can be redirected, gathered, and released with the use of lingam massage, resulting in a cleaner energy flow overall.

Help your partner relax

Turn down the lights

Lighting's significance shouldn't ever be downplayed. There is a good reason why so many spas, meditation centres, and yoga studios prefer gentle, pleasant light. Harsh light might actually upset the spirit because it isn't normally calming or stimulating. You might want to try burning candles or covering a lamp with a mesh black scarf.

The devil is into details

The slightest details matter when creating the atmosphere for your lingam massage therapy experience. Everything can impact the mood, including the temperature in the room and the plushness of the cushions and bedding. Don't forget to make sure you have a few hours of alone as well. Keep in mind that you should feel just as at ease giving as you do receiving.

What is that smell?

The lingam massage will put your man's senses on high alert. You might choose to arrange a vase of flowers in the room, light fragrant candles, burn incense, spritz your favourite essential oil over your linens, or burn incense. Similarly, using a perfume, spritz, or oil that both of you enjoy might be a wonderful approach to dazzle his senses with your own aroma.

Sexual sounds

Ambience can be greatly impacted by music. There is no one ideal option, but there are a few to think about. You might choose calming background music, eastern melodies, or new age music. Alternately, you might select sensual music that is particular to your partnership.

Massage Oil

Products for massage oils are mostly a question of preference. You might pick coconut oil, a massage candle, or a massage cream that contains oil. Many lubricants with silicone bases can also be used as massage oils. No matter which product you decide to use, always perform a spot test first (on both of you). Additionally, keep enough of towels on hand to prevent stains on your sheets.

Think about seeing a London Lingam Massage Professional

A Lingam massage in London can be a fantastic way to delve into new emotional and sensory realms, heighten pleasure, and increase closeness. If you're interested in getting a lingam massage but do not have a partner with whom to practise, think about hiring an Elite Tantric London certified Lingam massage specialist for an amazing, expert introduction to the experience!

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