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Top 5 tantra books in 2023

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

These days, finding a tantric book to read is not difficult but how can you know which ones are the best for reading? You've come to the right place if you're looking for books about the ancient spiritual tradition that will significantly improve every part of your life. The top books on tantra for beginners, tantric sex, and conventional classical tantra have all been compiled into one comprehensive collection.

Tantra: What Is It? Tantra literally translates to "loom, warp, and weave" in Sanskrit. The verb root Tan, according to Padoux, can be used to expand, spread, spin out, weave, display, push forth, and compose. As a result, it might also, by extension, signify "system," "doctrine," or "work." To be clear, Tantra is not a religion but rather a potent practice that promotes the celebration of senses and life in order to achieve higher realms of being. Tantra holds that the majority of human suffering results from the erroneous notion of separation. Why should you experiment with tantra?

Unlike to widespread belief, tantra is not just about having sexual encounters. Tantra actually emphasizes the intimate connection of all things as a method of viewing and experiencing the world. Tantra affirms that the material world and the spiritual world are only different manifestations of one universal truth. Tantra has many various facets, some of the most popular. Tantric yoga is a type of yoga that emphasizes bringing the body, mind, and spirit into harmony. It frequently entails physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. Tantra considers sexual activity as a sacred act that can be used to establish a spiritual connection. Tantric sex is a technique to slow down and enjoy the closeness experience. Tantric meditation is a technique for calming the mind and increasing present-moment awareness. It can be done in many different ways, but frequently entails concentrating on the breath or a mantra.

Tantra can be practiced alone. And if you put it into practice consistently, it will change everything in your life. However, the guidance and support of a mentor helped every intermediate to advanced student of the Tantric path get there.

Here is our best 10 books

Explore the true essence of tantra beyond sex with the top five books of 2023.

A ground-breaking book on female sexuality, Tantric Orgasm for Women emphasises relaxation as the key to deep orgasmic states. Find out how the clitoris, breasts, and vagina affect orgasm, and discover how to use holy sex and old Tantric meditations to develop your sensitivity and awareness.

Explore the true essence of tantra beyond sex with the top five books of 2023.

For urban sexual explorers seeking a blend of seductive guides and heart-centered spiritual wisdom in the Tantric tradition, there is Barbara Carrella's Urban Tantra. Discover the links between Tantra and BDSM as well as multi-partner play.

Explore the true essence of tantra beyond sex with the top five books of 2023.

Osho, the Tantric yoga master, is a necessary component of every neo-Tantra manual. This book makes the secrets of the antiquated science of Tantra accessible to a modern readership in terms of their practical applicability. Osho invites readers to consider and overcome ingrained prejudices and belief systems that prevent them from fully appreciating the richness of life.

Explore the true essence of tantra beyond sex with the top five books of 2023.

Lama Yeshe presents Tantra, through Tibetan Buddhism, as a practice leading to joy and self-discovery. Carefully read this text, and you will receive a clear, simple vision of reality relevant to the twenty-first century.

Explore the true essence of tantra beyond sex with the top five books of 2023.

Sexual Energy Ecstacy is a brilliant work of compassion and wisdom. The book is not only an intriguing read but it offers detailed ways to mysteries of the male and female bodies.

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