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What is dark tantra? Learn more about what dark tantra has to offer such as BDSM and Spanking

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Dark tantric can be thought of as a specialised form of red tantra that moves into areas like bondage, sensory play, kink, fetishes, and sadomasochistic practices-but all in a safe, sacred space. Dark tantra practitioners frequently seek to transcend inhibited sexuality and embrace their darkest, most primal urges. For many, dark tantra is a courageous exploration of one's dreams in order to finally achieve transformation and healing.

When black tantric is simplified down into its most elementary forms, it resembles a fusion of tantra, BDSM, and tantric massage. The essential merging of the two energies, is at the root of dominance and submission; dark tantra respects both of these aspects of ourselves without shame or fear. The delightful tension that exists between what is forbidding and what is pleasant is nurtured and harnessed by dark BDSM tantra.

A peak into dark tantric

Your therapist or lover will skillfully combine dark tantra massage with a variety of tantric fetish activities during your dark tantra session. This implies that as your masseuse performs the dark tanBtra massage techniques of your choice alongside the relaxing, sensual strokes of her hands, you'll probably start out feeling relaxed. These could involve spanking, being blindfolded, minor bondage, teasing (for example, with a feather), or more overt forms of domination and obedience.

At its essence, BDSM tantra blatantly disregards taboos in favour of embracing the enticing tensions of the power exchange. Dark tantric practise requires a comprehensive upfront discussion with your masseuse because it is based on your darkest fantasies. Your masseuse might even experiment with role-playing for the length of your session, taking on the role of an authority figure like a sexy maid, nurse, or Mrs. Santa depending on your very specific preferences.

Although dark tantric is completely harmless when explored with a qualified and experienced dark tantric masseuse, it's necessary to be aware of the safety element as with other tantra erotic (and really all sensual) activities. It's crucial that fetishes are performed in a safe setting because some of them (like cuffs and whipping) call for a feeling of slight danger. In order to fully utilise the potential of dark tantra BDSM, trained professional tantric masseuses are required. Elite Tantric London's masseuses take great pleasure in creating a sexy yet sacred environment where you can safely explore your most extreme sexual desires.

Although they vary depending on the masseuse and her services, the following acts may occur during some dark tantric massage sessions:

Roleplay gives partners countless opportunities to explore conflict, positions of power, and power. You might experiment with taking on the roles of a dominating (guard or doctor) one day and a submissive (patient of the doctor etc. ). Your imagination will take care of the rest. You may employ costumes and sets, come up with a screenplay in advance, or just focus on nasty conversation tied to your selected roles.

Because pain releases endorphins, being spanked makes a lot of individuals horny. A paddle, whip, or cane can be used to administer a spanking, as can an open hand. It may be given voluntarily or repeatedly over an extended period of time, mixed with delicate tantric touches to highlight the delectable contrast. It's crucial to always start out gently and get feedback along the way, whether you're the provider or the recipient. Make sure the person with their butt in the air (or draped over the giver's lap) has complete control.

It's not advisable to have your first bondage encounter with a complete stranger, unless it's with a reputable professional masseuse, according to specialists. The restraints of your choice can be handcuffs, a silk scarf, or rope. Once they are in place, you can add dark tantric massage or playful touch. Create a safe phrase in case the situation gets too heated or the person being tied has to halt or pause for any other reason.

Are you open to dark tantric?

Many of us are trying new things to see if they stimulate our senses, thanks to the trend of sexual openness and the social acceptability of fetishism. If only they had the courage to try them, most individuals would be shocked at the specific fetishes they would find appealing. These days, people are considerably more particular about their sensual needs, and it is obvious to the majority of us that we must attempt various things in order to gratify our most intense fetish dreams.

Where can I try a Dark Tantric Massage?

You should only ever pick a masseuse or agency that is highly regarded and reputable, just like you should with any tantric massage. One of the few tantric massage businesses in London that offers dark tantric is Elite Tantric London.

For beginners seeking a dark tantric massage, I would advise overcoming your fear of your own sexual boundaries and realising that you will only be able to experience greater levels of sexual satisfaction once you are both free in mind and body. It is a spiritual experience to receive a dark tantric massage, which will awaken all of your sexual senses through an erotic massage that will enrich your otherwise uninteresting sexual life journey.

Check out the women I've hand-selected below who are all skilled in providing the best standard of dark tantric and fetish massage in London if you really want to discover your genuine sensual bliss.

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