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London tantric massage with a happy ending


Welcome to Elite Tantric London in Bond Street, your gateway to an extraordinary world of sensual delight. We specialize in curating the most luxurious and profoundly erotic massage experiences in the vibrant heart of London.

Our Elite masseuses are virtuosos, possessing an unmatched mastery of body-to-body massage techniques and the ancient art of breathwork. Each touch, each breath, is a harmonious blend of pleasure and connection, meticulously designed to transport you to new realms of sensuality and relaxation.

Your journey begins with a choice – an intimate outcall experience, delivered discreetly to your hotel room or private apartment, or an immersive incall session at one of our enchanting locations nestled in Bond Street.

No matter your selection, we pledge an unforgettable voyage into the authentic world of tantra massage.

At Elite Tantric London, we don't just offer massages; we craft unforgettable experiences that linger in your senses, etching themselves into your memory. Welcome to a world where every touch is a symphony, and every breath a connection – a genuinely tantric experience that promises to leave you with cherished memories.


How to book your Tantric Massage


You can choose from an excellent selection of gorgeous and exotic masseuses in Bond Street. Ladies have received training to provide you with the most enjoyable sensual massage. To learn more about each lady and the Erotic tantric massages she provides, look at her profile. To find the perfect lady for you, check out the Elite Girls Gallery.


A variety of real tantra-inspired nude massage styles are available from each alluring Elite Girl. Take a look at this page for additional details about the sexy massages we provide. Whichever Elite massage you select, you can be guaranteed to experience a mind-blowing, sensual massage in London.


Once you've chosen the lady and the type of massage, get in touch with our helpful bookings team by phone at 07443864841, email at, or using this page's online contact form. If you'd like, you can make appointments over Telegram, WhatsApp, or SMS text message; we're open until 23:00.


The moment has finally come for your appointment. Your concerns will go as soon as the massage begins, and you'll discover the genuine meaning of sexual energy. The first time you have a massage could seem a little intimidating, but our masseuses will quickly make you feel at ease and at home.

Enjoy a sensual body-to-body massage that ends wildly happy, leaving you completely relaxed both mentally and physically.

A cleansing and unwinding bathing ritual that helps to relieve daily stress. Your senses will be awakened by soaking in a salt bath and will be prepared to experience the wonderful sensations of a full-body Aqua Massage from a skilled and seductive tantric masseuse.

Our Swedish Massage is the ideal remedy for stress relief. Your tantric masseuse will combine deep tissue massage with sensual touch for a mind-blowing orgasmic release while relieving aches, pains, and physical stiffness.

The Four Hands Massage provides you with an extraordinary sensual massage experience. You will feel empowered by the tantric energy two exquisite masseuses are creating as they caress every inch of your body. Your body, mind, and soul will reach new heights as you lapse into an infinite cycle of ecstasy.

Due to the additional benefit of including your partner in this exotic encounter, this massage is very well-liked by our clientele. You can choose from one or two gorgeous masseuses who will massage you and your significant other, putting you both at peace and enhancing your relationship to previously unimaginable heights.

BDSM and fetishism Experience a sensuous massage with aroma. Clients keep returning because BDSM massages are so great. Elite tantric London practises allow you to let go and give way to your deepest desires. Our females are ready for you if you want to push yourself to the utmost, but it's not for the timid.

Tantric prostate massage that is indulgent. Although the massage is highly specialized, it may also be a sensual experience that encourages complete relaxation and the release of all tension. You may be confident that you're in good hands throughout the prostate massage because our masseuses are highly trained specialists.

One of our most stimulating and pleasurable treatments is the Body to Body Massage. It's the peak of sexual indulgence, ideal for soothing the body's drive and restoring balance. You will keep coming back for more due to the special intensity and closeness that skin-on-skin contact between you and your tantric masseuse delivers.

An traditional form of massage known as the Lingam Massage has been handed down through the generations. The penis receives undivided attention in this thrilling celebration of the senses, which is referred to as the "Lingam," which is the language of Sans for "wand of brightness." Your tantric masseuse will lead you to an ecstatic peak while incorporating ancient tantric techniques.

The purpose of the Happy Ending Massage is to encourage the full release of sexual energy. Your massage therapist will employ the alluring touch of tantric massage to gently heighten your enjoyment as you approach a really euphoric release. Your massage will gradually intensify into an exhilarating experience that will make you feel airy and prepared to take on the world.

One of our most liberating and soothing erotic treatments is the naked massage. You and your masseuse will be able to connect on a more physical level than with a typical massage because you will be completely undressed. You will be led into a state of joyful harmony through soothing tantric methods and skin-on-skin contact.

The Thai Massage is a soothing massage that comforts the body and mind. It combines sophisticated tantric techniques that softly arouse you before gradually building into powerful sexual energy and happy release. It draws on Asian massage therapy, such as full-body massage. As your tantric massage begins to massage your entire body, lathering your skin with seductive body oil, unwind and relax in a lighted space that is fragrant with essential oils.

A spiritual sexual practice dating back to traditional Asia is the Tantric Massage. Through touch and breathing, this sexual massage aims to forge connections and bring about insight. One of the most well-liked massages for releasing tension in the sexual and emotional areas.

You will be welcomed by one of our trained tantric masseuses in London into a quiet sanctuary decorated with burning candles and soothing music. The Tantric Massage will start with long, flowing strokes to relieve tension before transitioning to an energizing body-to-body massage.

One of the most seductive massage treatments we provide is our Fantasy Massage. Our skilled tantric masseuses are skilled at portraying realistic roleplay so you can fully lose yourself in the experience. With your input, we may create a roleplay that explores your darkest fantasies in order to reveal your secret desires.

To provide a fantasy experience catered to your deepest wishes, each of our gorgeous fantasy masseuses is outfitted in a variety of sensual looks. We promise that after receiving this specially designed Fantasy Massage, you will feel immensely delighted, content, and fulfilled.

The Yoni Massage is a renowned massage technique that dates back to ancient Asia. This stimulating stress-relieving massage celebrates and indulges the 'Yoni,' which is Sans for vagina. You will experience a variety of physical contact sensations that will heighten your awareness and help you feel more connected to your emotions.

Your female tantric masseuse will put you at ease as she leads you into a cozy, divine area. Your senses will be stimulated as your masseuse conducts body-to-body massage and delicately massages your erogenous zones while soothing music is playing in the ambiance and candles burn.

One of the most erotic massages we provide is the Nuru Massage. Your stunning masseuse will glide her naked body effortlessly up and down your chest and back while using her body including her bust and intimate area to create tremendous sexual energy. She will employ genuine Japanese body-to-body massage techniques.

You will be welcomed into a seductive, candle-lit space by one of our expert tantric masseuses where you will feel at ease having this spellbinding Nuru massage. She will then start stimulating your body with skin-to-skin contact, heightening your senses and arousing your desire for intimacy. 


Unforgettable Tantric massage experience in Bond Street

Tantra massage is a form of sensual and intimate massage therapy that incorporates principles from Tantra, an ancient spiritual tradition. The primary goal of Tantra massage is to promote relaxation, connection, and spiritual growth by harnessing sexual energy and focusing on the entire body. Here are some key aspects of Tantra massage:

  • Spiritual Connection: Tantra massage aims to create a deep and meaningful connection between the giver and receiver. It emphasizes the spiritual and emotional aspects of touch and intimacy.

  • Breathing and Mindfulness: Like other forms of Tantra, conscious breathing and mindfulness techniques are often used to relax both the giver and receiver, helping them to be present in the moment.

  • Whole-Body Approach: Unlike traditional massages that may focus on specific areas, Tantra massage involves a full-body approach. It treats the entire body as an erogenous zone, giving equal attention to all areas.

  • Sensual Touch: The massage typically involves slow, sensual, and often feather-light touches to awaken the senses and heighten sensitivity.

  • Energy Flow: Practitioners of Tantra believe in the circulation and exchange of energy between individuals, which is considered a crucial part of the experience.

  • Sexual Arousal: Tantra massage recognizes and embraces sexual arousal as a natural and important part of the experience, but it's not necessarily the primary goal.

  • No Pressure for Orgasm: The focus is on the journey and the sensations experienced rather than achieving a specific sexual outcome, such as orgasm.

  • Communication and Consent: Effective communication, trust, and clear boundaries are essential in Tantra massage to ensure that both the giver and receiver feel safe and respected.

It's important to note that Tantra massage, when conducted professionally and ethically, is not intended to be sexual or explicit. Instead, it's designed to create a unique and spiritually enriching experience, deepen emotional bonds, and explore sensuality in a respectful and consensual manner. Tantra massage should always be practiced with care, consent, and with qualified and experienced practitioners.

Are all the Elite Tantric London girls authentic?

Yes! Anyone you select will be waiting at the door on the day of booking since all of the images and videos you view online are completely authentic. We always conduct in-person interviews with girls before adding them to our website to make sure they accurately represent London's most affluent women. As a result, we are in the ideal position to suggest specific masseuses depending on your tastes and preferences. If you'd like our advice, get in contact with us right now.

Benefits of 
a Sensual Massage

Sensual massages are much more than just a relaxing experience; they awaken the body and mind and transport you to locations you had no idea existed. The tantric massage has many advantages when done properly, but double check before scheduling a reservation.

Services for erotic massage can also increase circulation, which makes it simpler to engage in sexual activity, particularly with men.

First class
Customer service

Taking care of your booking to make sure your exotic massage goes together without a hitch. Making reservations and attending to your sensuous need, our welcoming reception team is on hand around-the-clock. If you need assistance finding an in-call location or handling concerns, the Elite team is here to help.

 Privacy and

At Elite Tantric London, the best and most secure privacy measures are used. A third party will ever be able to access or read the booking and telephone records because of the impenetrable encryption used to safeguard them. Additionally, all information associated with your booking—including your phone number—is deleted and replaced as soon as it is finished.   

Aqua Tantric

Erotic Cleanse Body To Body ritual

Swedish Tantric

Authentic deep tissue Swedish massage.

Prostate Massage

A pleasing tantric prostate massage.

Nuru Tantric

Sensual massage with slippery Nuru Gel

Lingham Massage

Tantric Massage to awaken your sexual energies

Yoni Tantric

Experience for Women only

Dark Tantric

Sensual Tantric massage with BDSM.

Thai Massage

Old age tantra with a modern twist

Fantasy Tantric

Roleplay and uniforms with tantric massage.

Naked Massage

Fully nude tantric massage session

Four Hand Massage

Two Elite Girls perform a seductive massage

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