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How to give a happy ending massage like a professional

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Despite the fact that it seems rather regular in tabloid news, it's not something that the majority of people are familiar with. A happy ending massage is a specific kind of massage that includes a hand job to make a man happy. These kind of licensed massages were first practiced in Asian nations like Japan before spreading to other nations.

Happy ending massages are controversial and frequently against the law depending on where you reside, especially in areas where there are severe regulations prohibiting sex work. For instance, London, united Kingdom is where getting a happy ending massage is permitted, so a male who wants one runs the danger of getting into big difficulty. Of course, if you give one to your partner, this may be easily avoided. Many women find the thought of a massage with a happy ending unsettling. You might not even want your man to receive a massage from another person. And while receiving a massage is unquestionably proper, unwinding is actually extremely favorable to arousal. Changes take place in our body when we release tension and restraint. A rise in blood flow is part of this. This frequently results in the erections known as "morning wood" when it occurs while we are sleeping. It just seems sense that the same level of relaxation you experience during the day could give your partner a hard-on, just as you could feel more arousable when you're relaxed. The advantages of a normal massage are also present with a happy ending massage. Muscle knots are worked out, stress from work, school, or home melts away, and aching bodies reintegrate. One reason why cuddling might boost intimacy is because touching your spouse also releases bonding hormones. Preparing to rub down You can either wear something comfy or sexy to make your partner turned on since you'll need to be able to move around and manage his body. If you tend to trip in heels, avoid wearing them. Wearing something that won't get damaged or destroyed if the massage oil gets on it might not be a good idea if you're using a massage oil. Many professionals dress casually, often choosing a button-down t-shirt. Yoga or workout attire also looks great and accentuates your physique! To give a decent massage, you must give your partner the things he requires. So, encourage him to express what he likes and dislikes. You and he could study this manual on sexual chemistry if he's having some difficulties with it. Also, don't be reluctant to check in. If something feels nice to him or he likes it, ask him about it. Hey, maybe a massage with a nice ending can help you get better at dirty conversation! Pay attention to his nonverbal clues as well, such as any sighs or moans, any tensing up of his body, or any movement away from you. You should certainly pay great attention because a groan can either be beneficial or detrimental. Although some sensual background music like the songs on this list could assist to establish the scene, it's best to avoid other distractions like the TV. Dimmering the lights, lighting a scented candle, or spritzing air freshener are some more ways to create a more inviting atmosphere. A couple extra towels and clean bedding are always welcome additions. In order to make them warm and fluffy, think about putting them in the dryer first. A massage candle can give out pleasant aromas, create a romantic ambiance, and serve as the oil for the massage you're giving your man. Now, you don't need to be a pro to give a nice massage with a happy conclusion. You only need to be familiar with a few methods. To get started, read this post's suggestions for providing a sensual massage and look at this erotic massage primer. It will already be superior to any massage he must pay for because you are the one making him feel so good, and it's free to boot! Occasionally, sensually brush your fingers, hair, or another body part against him. You can "accidentally" touch his penis or balls if he's lying on his back. Touch his inner thighs or butt as he is lying on his stomach. Warm your breath when you touch his skin. Don't be scared to express your appreciation for his physique when you are touching it. When you're ready to get down to business, the happy ending massage's climactic act is giving your man a hand job. If you don't think this is your strongest suit, this might scare you a little. You shouldn't worry, though! We've got some advice on how to give your partner the killer hand job he needs to end happily. Tips Twist your hand as you stimulate it along his penis rather than giving him a back-and-forth stroke. If one hand seems to be getting tired, switch hands.

Then use both hands. One hand should begin at the base of his penis and go upward. Place your second hand at the base of your man's penis and continue the stroking motion before you get to the head so that one of your hands is always on his penis.

Be mindful of his balls. You stroke him with one hand, massaging his testicles with the other. Try teasing yourself with your fingers if you like.

Use lubricant to keep things slippery and comfortable. Prostate massage may be incorporated into happy-ending massages on a number of occasions. Through his anus or perineum, you can stimulate your man's prostate. To find out more, look at this info. You don't have to penetrate, of course. As part of your massage, you can also rub his butt. There are many of muscles there, after all!

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